Carpal Tunnel Expert, Dr. Brian Jurbala, Provides a Stellar Example of Patient-Focused Care, Streamlines the Surgical Process

Brian M. Jurbala, MD, has served Lakeland, Florida and surrounding area for over 15 years, and over that time he has analyzed what patients and doctors want, collectively. The patient does not appreciate taking time for extraneous doctor appointments and testing as well as footing the bill for each visit when it comes to just being cleared for surgery. Primary physician office visit, specialist office visit, blood work, MRIs, nerve conduction tests – this is up to 5 visits before even being considered for surgery. In an era of high deductible health insurance, he has certainly found his niche market.

As a surgeon, Dr. Jurbala quickly how inefficient scheduling patients at a surgery center or hospital was when you are set to only perform surgery on a certain day during a set time frame. Through this realization, he has since crafted the ultimate patient-centered experience. He has streamlined care for the patient eliminating the need for a hospital or surgical center and general anesthesia when it comes to certain upper-extremity ailments. This is a big draw to patients who may not be cleared for surgery due to various reasons resulting from blood work results or a need to be on a blood-thinner regimen.

Using high-definition ultrasound, he is able to evaluate the patient and diagnose in office. Once the patient’s diagnosis is verified, a local anesthetic is injected, then Jurbala uses his very own patented surgical tool, the Trigger Tome manufactured by SonicSurg Innovations, LLC, to correct Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain’s Tendonitis, Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Dupuytren’s Contracture, and Ganglion Cysts in addition to Carpal Tunnel Syndome. His method for surgery provides the smallest possible incision and minimal scarring. Dr. Brian Jurbala has found an opportunity that focuses on providing his patients a cutting edge, quality medical experience through streamlined upper-extremity orthopaedic care. With our surgeon, you receive your examination, diagnosis, and treatment all in one visit. This saves the patient both time and money while delivering an innovative medical experience. Both doctors and physicians rave about the new plan of care and say it is the future of medicine.

“Let me begin by telling you I had the surgery on both hands 3 months ago. My symptoms began years ago. I lived with the discomfort of carpal tunnel because I didn’t want to stop working and stop sports. I had steroid injections twice and used splints at night and during the day at times. I tried aspirin like medications and B6 recommended from a doctor friend. Nothing helped. I am a very active person who likes tennis and golf. I am also a Gastroenterologist who has done nearly 50,000 procedures during my career. Despite friends,family and several doctors including hand surgeons trying to talk me out of going to Carpal tunnel express, I did my research,read the reviews and discussed the surgery with Dr Jurbala. I decided this was my best option and went to Lakeland Florida from NYC. Each hand took 15 minutes in total. I had discomfort for a few days but never needed pain medication though it was offered to me. I returned to work in 3 days and did my first colonoscopy after a week. I returned to golf and tennis in less than a month. The technique that Dr Jurbala uses is groundbreaking. Its safe and recovery is quick. No body should do it any other way. One day this will be the standard of treatment. I no longer have carpal tunnel symptoms. My hands are my livelihood and would never have risked surgery I wasn’t 100% convinced of.”

Dr. R. | 12-21-2018